Vonda  White

Vonda White

Vonda White Vonda’s life today is a far cry from her childhood, raised by a divorced mom who had to accept welfare and food stamps. Young Vonda’s contribution to the family finances was collecting and redeeming empty soda cans. As a teenager, at her third attempt, she won the Idaho state beauty pageant. The triumph came with college tuition and the beginning of a new life which led her into a record-setting insurance sales career and the launch of her own business while six months pregnant.Vonda White, founder and CEO of Collegiate Risk Management, a million dollar company providing health and accident insurance to thousands of students nationwide, has received numerous awards for her business achievements. She is author of Success Against The Odds and has hosted her own radio show called Lets Talk Success. From her childhood Vonda learned first-hand the power of persistence, self-image and goal-setting.