Eduard Qualls

Mr. Qualls upbringing was one that included starting Music at the age of 6, French at 11, more French plus Spanish and Latin in high school, along with Modern Greek lessons. He has a M.S. degree in Business Administration, a B.A. Degree in German and Music, and extensive experience, of over three decades, as a project manager and developer within the software industry. He decided to make use of all his skills, experience and training to express his insights into Business, the English language and other topics, in order to provide explanations to and for the general Public of the conditions in which we now find ourselves, and to provide a voice to those whose situation denies them free expression. Mr. Qualls is the author of several books, the latest being “Community Capitalism: Pulling Capitalism Back From Its Own Abyss”. This was preceded by a reference book, detailing the rules whereby he had achieved a mastery of English and its usage, “The Qualls Concise English Grammar”.