Kristin  Dorrance

Kristin Dorrance

Bodyworker Kristin Dorrance, is a certified massage therapist who specializes in fostering healing and wellness through therapeutic massage. Like many people who work full-time while raising a family, Kristin’s life can be physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. Massage helps her relax and recharge herself, providing more consistent energy and flexibility for both work and play. It helps her feel happier and stronger--better able to handle the ups and downs of life. After many years of enjoying the benefits of receiving massage, Kristin became inspired to become a certified massage therapist so she could help others feel better, live healthier, and take back control of their own bodies. After becoming certified by the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado, Kristin established her own therapeutic massage practice in Aurora, Colorado. Her three-pronged approach includes body awareness, proactive wellness and pain reduction. Through her work in the world, Kristin helps others understand that pain and stress are optional--you can regain control of your body and your life. Massage is not a spa luxury for the few--it’s an essential wellness tool for all.