Dr. David  Delong

Dr. David Delong

Dr. David DeLong is an expert on the skills that individuals and organizations need to be successful in today’s economy. He is author of the new book Graduate to a Great Job: Make Your College Degree Pay Off in Today’s Market. This book is based on more than 30 case studies of recent college graduates who have landed successfully in the job market. Dr. DeLong is also co-author of The Executive Guide to High-Impact Talent Management published by McGraw-Hill. He is an expert on the tremendous opportunities and challenges that await young workers today. A well-known speaker, consultant and coach, Dr. DeLong knows the barriers that keep young college graduates from landing good jobs and what it takes to launch a career in today’s economy. President of David DeLong & Associates, Dr. DeLong has a doctorate in organizational behavior from Boston University and a masters in public administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.