Kelly  Standing

Kelly Standing

The word “extraordinary” doesn’t begin to cover Kelly Standing’s life which she reveals in her memoir, “I’M STILL STANDING: How One Woman’s Brushes with Death Taught Her How To Live.” he brushes with death? Hanged from a tree by a childhood bully. Hit by a car. Struck by lightning. Removal of a major organ (which contrary to medical precedent actually grew back). And on top of all that—four of her co-workers were brutally murdered. Learning how to live? Kelly has traveled the globe; ranked among the top nine public speakers in the world out of 25,000 contestants and 180,000 Toastmasters; served as student chaplain to criminal youth; worked as a hospital chaplain in a Level-One trauma center; and now runs her own company, STANDING Media, focusing on individuals and organizations who want to rally around change and adversity.