Bree  Housley

Bree Housley

As an award-winning advertising copywriter, Bree Housley has mastered “the voice” of moms, kids, dads and dudes to sell products from Pepsi to mustache wax. Bree always knew she had a passion for entertaining others through the written word, so after graduating with an advertising degree from Iowa State University, she traded in her snowsuit for suntan lotion and attended the widely respected Miami Ad School in Florida. She learned to write snappy TV, print, radio and web ads. She also dabbled in stand-up comedy and realized her small-town childhood made people laugh. Bree spent her early years in advertising at Element79 and then moved on to the world-renowned shop, J. Walter Thompson. She forged out onto the open road of freelance writing in 2009. Along with her sister, Courtnee, Bree wrote a blog, titled Fifty2Resolutions. The blog documented their goal of accomplishing 52 resolutions in 52 weeks. Today, Bree lives in Chicago with her husband Eric. After a decade of crafting product-focused copy, she is thrilled to write in her own voice about a subject that means the world to her.