Michael  Finkelstein, MD

Michael Finkelstein, MD

Dr. Finkelstein’s work has evolved over the years from a rather typical internal medicine practice to a more healing oriented approach to health and wellness. He maintains his affiliations with the western medical world and has advanced further into areas of healing by learning from and associating with practitioners in a wide range of “complementary and alternative” fields. He has worked to cultivate relationships with other practitioners in the community to help individuals connect with those practices that are potentially going to bring about the greatest shift in their abilities to heal and remain whole. Michael has a particular interest in Energy Medicine and has completed training as a level 2 Reiki practitioner. He also has read extensively studying the insights and wisdom offered to us by ancient earth based cultures and Nature. Overall his work now is focused on integrating as much of this body of collective wisdom and science into something that is practical for individuals directly. His belief that everyone has the potential to reach a greater degree of resonance is the foundation for his optimism that greater health is within reach for all of us.