Dr. Pegeen  Cronin

Dr. Pegeen Cronin

Dr. Pegeen Cronin Dr. Cronin is a licensed clinical psychologist who has worked in the UCLA Autism Evaluation Clinic since its inception in 1997 and became the Clinical Director in 2004. Dr. Cronin also earned the title of Assistant Clinical Professor. In this role, she has provided services and training and contributed to the variety of research projects related to ASD. Dr. Cronin has extensive experience assessing and working with children with autism and their families. She has supported individuals and their families affected by autism in a variety of venues: School District Individual Education Program (IEP) meetings as well as Hearings/Due Process. Dr. Cronin has provided training to local Regional Centers who have recognized the need for their staff to receive training with the state of the art diagnostic tools that assist in the assessment and evaluation process. This improves the quality of diagnosis in the community and increases access to resources.