Rita  Emmett

Rita Emmett

Rita Emmett, is a professional speaker and author who describes herself as a recovering procrastinator. Her first book, The Procrastinators Handbook, sold over 100,000 copies in its first year and has been published in 32 countries. Katie Couric is among the 300 plus interviewers who have questioned Rita about her successful strategies to overcome procrastination. Rita says that she was able to get rid of her putting off habit and that she can help anyone do the same. Once you break the procrastination habit, she says, you’ll not only get more done and start doing some of the things you have been hoping to do, you will also feel more energized. In her book, Rita gives comprehensive advice on identifying the behavioral styles and patterns procrastinators use for putting things off; applying proven anti-procrastination tips and techniques for achieving goals; and developing strategies to move forward when stuck or when reverting to old procrastination patterns.