Heather  Resnick

Heather Resnick

Heather Resnick is a Revolutionary Parent who for 26 years has advocated for her daughter who lives with a mild intellectual disability. Since 2007, she’s advocated for supports for people with intellectual disabilities who are capable of living independently. She’s spent countless hours researching, writing articles and conferring with professionals of all levels of governments, social service agencies, school boards, and parents all with the hope of creating transition job training programs and employment. She fervently believes that with these programs in place, people with intellectual disabilities can take their rightful place in society as contributing members of the workplace, with the dignity they deserve. Despite her efforts she has seen little in the way of progressive change. She graduated from York University, Faculty of Arts and Seneca College, Legal Administration and Government Operations. She’s the author of ‘’Women Reworked: Empowering Women in Employment Transition”.