Sue  Hitzmann

Sue Hitzmann

Sue Hitzmann, MS, CST, NMT, is a nationally recognized somatic-movement educator and manual therapist. Sue started in the fitness industry as an exercise instructor in 1988 before beginning her manual therapy practice in 1996. After studying Exercise Science in a Masters program, Sue completed certifications in manual therapies such as neuromuscular, craniosacral, and lymph drainage. Her decades of practice, research, and study of anatomical science and alternative therapies have culminated in the creation of The MELT Method®, a revolutionary approach to pain-free fitness and longevity. Sue’s primary goal is to empower people to take charge of their aging process through self-care and healthy living. Sue wants to offer everyone access to powerful self treatment techniques that treat the cause of pain and dysfunction and limit the negative effects of aging and activity. By maintaining an active lifestyle without perpetuating imbalance, we can all live longer. Visit