Glynnis  Walker

Glynnis Walker

Glynnis Walker,, is the best-selling author of eight books, including “Elder Fraud, Identity Theft: One Family’s Fight for Justice”. It’s based on her experience as a long distance-caregiver for her mother, who had Alzheimer's disease. Even though she lived in an assisted living facility, her mother was nonetheless a victim of fraud and ended up penniless. Glynnis spent much of her life looking after other people - husband, step-children, children, parents. This is a service, she says, that almost always falls to women and for the most part is unpaid and unrecognized. She has been a radio talk host and investigative producer for the past twelve years. At KFI am 640, the number-one US talk radio station, her show covered many breaking stories. Her radio talk show most recently aired on WAIT, WGN and WLS in Chicago. She holds the BA Hon Psychology/English, Queen’s University, MBA, Marketing, York University, and PhD, Psychology, Pacific Western University.