Umoh  Luna

Umoh Luna

Umoh Luna, a highly gifted speaker/author teaches powerful spiritual women how to ignite their creative genius and build profitable, unique high-end packages to attract quality clients, help more people and have more fun!! She uses her intuition to help clients clear their blocks around money, sex, and being enough so they can own the spotlight, magnetize massive wealth and reclaim passion/pleasure in all areas of life and business. Founder of, Umoh’s mission is to restore the balance of power and wealth between men and women. Because men hold 99% of wealth on the planet, she believes putting money and power into the hands of women will greatly impact world hunger, women's human rights, war and access to healthcare and education globally. Blending deep inner work with a lucrative business strategy is her specialty. Umoh is passionate about honoring and bringing the feminine into business and considers this one of her secrets to success. Visit