Daniel & Rosemary Kelly

Daniel Kelly is a retired national vice chairman and group managing partner of the Deloitte & Touche Accounting firm. Rosemary Kelly, a former teacher, is a homemaker and energetic mother of four and grandmother of nine. Their lives changed drastically in the late 1980s when their son John was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Following difficult episodes and hospitalizations, they searched for a program that would provide the treatment and follow-up care that would make a lasting difference to him. Failing to find the type of center they sought, they conceived of and created Rose Hill Center, a residential psychiatric rehabilitation program, www.rosehillcenter.org. With the help of friends, family, mental health professionals, corporations and foundations, they established a dedicated board of directors, raised the funds to buy a 372-acre parcel in Holly, Michigan, erected buildings, hired a medical and administrative team and, in 1992, welcomed the first residents to Rose Hill Center.