Donna  Volpitta, Ed.D.

Donna Volpitta, Ed.D.

Donna Volpitta, Ed.D., is a leading expert in the field of resilience education. Drawing on the latest research in neurology, psychology and education, she teaches practical strategies for people to use everyday challenges to build resilience skills. She is co-author of the book The Resilience Formula: A Guide to proactive--Not Reactive-Parenting and co-creator of the Nametags Education Program. Dr. Volpitta is a Board member of both One Revolution Foundation ( and Kids Helping Kids (, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing leaders through youth-led service projects. She blogs, has authored several articles, received a grant from the Department of Education, and has given presentations at numerous professional conferences. She holds a doctoral degree in Learning Dis/Abilities from Teachers College, Columbia University and lives in New York with her husband and four children.