Tony  Wilson

Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson is Founder and Global CEO of the Lifestyle Architecture people development group, operating in 27 cities in 12 regions around the world. The group’s focus is Practical Leadership, the art and science of becoming a product of your own conclusions. On any given day Tony may be engaging on an Executive Mentoring programme with the CEO of a FTSE 250 or Fortune 500 company. The next, helping a young pro golfer get onto a major European or world tour. Or with an entrepreneur or training company who have invested in one of the many Lifestyle Architecture Leadership or Partnership Licences. Then he may be off to London, New York, Dubai or Australia to speak. Or researching the life of an inspirational leader, adding to the 50+ audios and eBooks he has authored for his series. Tony will make you focus on what you GIVE, not just what you get. His concepts, ideas and methodologies are fresh, his ideas inspire. Most of all, he is REAL.