Gregory  Malouf

Gregory Malouf

Gregory Malouf, a successful Australian businessman, suffered a traumatic childhood. He became a workaholic in order to run away from his past and allowed himself to live the "perfect life." At the age of 50, Greg realized he was living a lie. He was suffering from anxiety and obsessive control disorder, just two of many addictions he had suffered in his life. Greg studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Transcendental Meditation and psychotherapy and in 2009, founded the Epsilon Healing Academy, based in Australia. On this new path, Greg's mission is to better the world by helping people explore their anxiety, challenge their fears and reach their full potential. Today, through books like Silent and his new Thoughtless series as well as innovative programs like the University of Self, Greg and his team help people globally to live a life that in every way reflects who they are and what they deeply desire.