Jamie  Holmes

Jamie Holmes

Jamie Holmes is a professional dancer, aerial acrobat, fitness instructor and entertainer, with her own production company. A competitive dancer and gymnast from the age of eight, for the past sixteen years, her life has been one of daily physical exertion and performance. When she was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma, she was devastated. After hearing from the allopathic physicians of her poor options and probable prognosis, and researching conventional melanoma treatments thoroughly, she instead chose the Gerson Therapy. “It just made sense,” she says. Jamie spent a few weeks at the Gerson Therapy hospital in Mexico, and for the first time, instead of sad, hopeless looks she got from her physicians in Toronto, Canada, she was getting encouraging and hopeful, helpful and healing energy from the Gerson staff and other patients. Melanoma is one of the most deadly cancers for allopathic methods, but one of the most rapidly responding cancers on the Gerson Therapy. She felt a huge burden lifted from her heart. After six months, her tumor had shrunk in size by half, and she felt energy and hope return. Jamie also received immense benefits from Earthing. “It’s insanely great,” she says, “Because of what I do, my hips were always in pain, and I just figured that was how it would be. But using Earthing, the pain has completely disappeared.” Now, six months into her Gerson Therapy, Jamie has settled into her healing routine, loves the new lifestyle that gives life and health, and will free her from the fear of disease and death. Jamie is eager to share her journey with as many others as she can. www.jamieholmes.com