Ed  Crothers

Ed Crothers

Ed Crothers, The Equine Analyst, grew up on a farm in southern Ohio. Ed's father was a blacksmith and horse trainer, which is what instilled the love of horsemanship in him at a very young age. Working with his father exposed him to a large number of horses some of which were very disrespectful. As his riding ability increased he found himself riding more and more problem horses. By the age of sixteen Ed had begun training and breaking on his own and was embarking on a path that would lead to a career in the equine industry. After graduating high school Crothers went to work as a farm manager for the Delmar farm in West Union, Ohio. Two years later he accepted a farm manager position at Classicway Farm in Morow, Ohio. This was a big step up, as the daily boarding was 400 to 500 thoroughbred horses. This move was the most significant change in Ed's horsemanship. It happened with his routine interaction with the veterinarians and chiropractors that worked at the farm. He began to see that often bad behavior was the cause of health issues and not attitude problems. One could say that this was an awakening to the holistic approach of horsemanship that Ed has used for many years now. Ed stayed at Classicway Farms for four more years before accepting a new position. As his reputation grew in Ohio he began to break an increasing number of horses. Over the last 12 years Ed and his staff at Cedar Brook Farm have broke and trained over 3100 horses including horses that others could not break. Ed has continued to use and perfect the techniques that he has developed over the years, by combining all the lessons he has learned. His holistic approach to horsemanship is to use veterinarian and chiropractic treatment to ensure soundness before beginning training. Currently Ed is entrusted with the care and stud career of stallion Arctic Bright View – better known as “Silver” to the public – one of the selected horses starring in the recently released “The Lone Ranger.”