Christine Andrew

Christine Andrew received a BA in Music Therapy from University of the Pacific and has been an educator for over 23 years. In 1998, after two surgeries plus continued health decline and no answers from conventional medicine, she investigated alternatives. Christine became certified in Nutrition Consultation in 2006 after an internship with a homeopathic doctor. She has continued health care studies in Functional Endocrinology, Functional Blood Chemistry, and Quantum Reflex Analysis and was certified in Functional Diagnostic Medicine in 2010. Recognizing a decline in health in children and adults due to poor health choices, Christine educates people on how to improve their health through wellness classes and her new book, Food Isn’t What it Used to Be. Christine currently operates Individualized Nutrition Services in Vacaville, CA for assessments of diet, metabolism, blood chemistry, bio-energy, toxicity, stress, hormones, and digestive issues. Visit