Peter Whitaker

Peter Whitaker is the president and owner of He arrived in Canada with his family on a boat from Scotland in 1963. Even though he was only 6 years old it took him only a few short weeks to figure out what a nickel, dime and quarter was. While not a great student in school he was always focused on being an entrepreneur. While holding down jobs, he says, “I don't think I ever stopped dreaming about what I could do out in the world with some of my ideas”. Successes and failures follow most people who want to work for themselves. “I had both”, he says, “and I wonder if I had concentrated on one thing where I might be today". The measure of success is not only how we've done financially but in what we have achieved. “I have two great kids and a grandson” he says, and that “3 players I have coached over the years are in the NHL”. He adds that “I've been the first to do several things in my life and my business today is unique and keeps me very busy”.