Bren  Buchalski, JD.

Bren Buchalski, JD.

Bren Buchalski, JD., is CEO and Director of C4C: Kaleidoscope. Her specialties are in: Law, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Counterterroism, Peace & Conflict Studies, Crime Prevention, Hostage Negotiation ● EXPERIENCE: Her professional expertise lies in the fields of: Criminal Justice, Law, Mental Health, Peace & Conflict Studies, Higher Education, Advocacy and Lobbying. Her professional expertise also includes that of Restorative Justice, Disaster and Crisis Management. She assisted in two mayoral political campaigns, that of Mayor of Baltimore, and Mayor of San Antonio. She currently is on the Board of The Ghana Visions Foundation (GVF). ● EDUCATION: She has a JD from University of Maryland School of Law; MA in, Counseling-Mental Health from St. Mary's University; and a BA in Political Science from Johns Hopkins University