Patricia Burke

Patricia Burke has a BA in Human Ecology from Cornell University. She specializes in meridian yoga and studied Eden Energy Medicine. As a lightning strike survivor, she has a heightened awareness of the interaction between electromagnetic frequencies and the human energy field. She was re-injured by Smart Meter deployment in Northern CA in 2010. She writes blogs for StopSmartMetersMassachusetts, and The Ceres Initiatives. She contributes to Spirit of Change, and presents workshops for Her article "The Year of the Snake vs. The Smart Meter Grid" was featured in Mountain Astrologer. She works with activists globally to halt deployment of smart meter grids, and new radio-frequency safety standards according to the precautionary principle, as in the Bio-Initiative Report. The Ceres Initiatives petition calls for US citizens to endorse the Law of the Rights of Mother Earth, the Precautionary Principle, and to ban human experimentation without knowledge or consent.