Jim  Tessman

Jim Tessman

Jim Tessman is a managing partner and the marketing specialist at Health Wellness Depot North America, www.healthwellnessdepot.com, based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. With a keen eye on the future of healthcare and the changes that are quickly developing in user demands and regulations, he’s moving Health Wellness Depot into a strong position to make new types of products available in North America. Pain management is the company's focus, as it can be so devastating to the one suffering as well as the entire family. He’s collaborated with his business partner, Errol Shardelow, for nearly 7 years. The product he’s most excited about right now is PetPulse, a ‘fantastic’ item out of the UK that reduces pain and helps the causes of the pain heal more quickly. It’s non-toxic, non-pharmaceutical and totally safe. At this time, it is only available for pets in North America. He resides in sunny Courtenay, BC with his wife Victoria and their nearly two year old daughter Rowan.