Errol  Shardelow

Errol Shardelow

Errol Shardelow,, has been involved in electronics since 1975. He received his Advanced Diploma in Electronics in 1977, and his Diploma in Marketing and Sales in 1991. He is a Bio Feedback therapist, with a Masters in Scenar Technology (Electrical Impulse) from Prof. Alexandra Revenko in Russia, and is also certified by Prof. Revenko as a Trainer in Scenar Therapy. He’s also an Ondamed Therapist trained as in the use of pulsed electromagnetic frequency. He’s held senior management positions in Cisco Systems and was Senior Director for Customer Solutions (Engineering) for Bell Canada. After years of experience in technology he used his knowledge to research modalities and their influence on the human body. He’s worked with different modalities including light and sound frequencies. He owns a resort on Vancouver Island where he treats those seeking his help. He presents on the topic, ‘Electrical Impulse versus Magnetic Impulse and how they influence the body’.