Tracy  Crossley

Tracy Crossley

Tracy Crossley wears many hats: writer-for-hire, intuitive coach, curiosity quencher, artist, poet, marketing maven, rugala royal, social media savant, entrepreneur extraordinaire, public speaker, clairvoyant, trusted friend and confidant, and mom to grown-ups. Her abilities have been honed as much by adversity as achievement. After losing her job 9 times in 10 years, she woke up to her calling as an intuitive coach. When Tracy began respecting her ability to help others achieve their dreams, she started experiencing the career fulfillment she longed for. Known as the Relationship Whisperer, she infuses each new day with passion through coaching, writing and speaking--sharing with others the secrets to creating a great life filled with meaningful relationships. Her newest creation, Your Pocket Psychic (, is a unique business inspired by client requests. To learn more about Tracy, browse her social media sites and visit her website at