Barbara  Sher, MA, OTR

Barbara Sher, MA, OTR

Barbara Sher, MA, OTR has over 40 years’ experience as a pediatric occupational therapist. She is the author of ten books on games that have been published in nine languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, Danish, Estonian, Spanish and Chinese. Her books feature games to specifically elevate attention span, increase self-esteem, promote academics and enhance motor and social skills. They all provide fun learning moments for all kids. Her most recent books are Early Intervention Games and The Whole Spectrum of Social, Motor and Sensory Games. Some of her other book titles are: Self-Esteem Games, Attention Games, Smart Play, Extraordinary Play With Ordinary Things and Spirit Games which help kids from 3-12 and their parents deal with emotions She has also given workshops on making inclusive games and learning toys out of easy-to-find materials in many countries including Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, New Zealand, England, Norway, Nicaragua, Roratonga, Honduras and the islands of Micronesia.