Jaco  Vienings

Jaco Vienings

Jaco Vienings hails from South Africa. He is an energetic, fun and lively host, working his way up in the broadcasting world. Jaco’s newest project is a video series called “Nature’s Voice”. Nature’s Voice is co-produced by Serena Vienings. Jaco writes: Loving the outdoors, science and working with my hands, I graduated with a double major in Viticulture and Oenology at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. I next decided to travel the world using my University skills to work and also explore 15 other countries. Seeing the unique beauty in all of them, I felt the need to share this passion I had for the environment. I decided to devote my time to a career in broadcasting, focusing on the beauty that surrounds us. My goal is making people realize how essential it is for everyone to be environmentally responsible, and to change a common mindset of "I have to make a difference" to "I want to make a difference".