Margaret  Cho

Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho is a comedian, actress, author, and singer-songwriter. She got her big break when she starred in the groundbreaking ABC sitcom, All-American Girl in 1994. In 1999, her off Broadway show I’m The One That I Want toured the country to national acclaim and was made into a bestselling book and feature film. Other national tours include Notorious C.H.O., Revolution, Beautiful, and Cho Dependent and her latest Mother. Since 2009, she has played Teri on the hit show Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime TV, now in its fifth season. Margaret has been honored by GLAAD, American Women in Radio and Television, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and PFLAG for promoting equal rights for all, regardless of race, sexual orientation or gender identity. She has been nominated for an Emmy Award (for her guest star role on 30 Rock) and two Grammy Awards (for comedy albums Revolution and Cho Dependent).