Dr. David  Aron

Dr. David Aron

Dr. David Aron, is a marketing professor and consumer researcher. He is a professor at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois. ● EXPERIENCE: Dr. Aron has several years in the retail mall management and online retail industries. His research background includes exploration of consumer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, consumer grudgeholding, and guerrilla consumer behavior as well as client-based, interactive approaches to teaching. He has written and co-authored over two dozen publications and conference presentations, including: Caging the Guerrilla Consumer; Preventing Consumer Grudges Across the Age Spectrum; Firing Back- Antecedents and Desired Outcomes of Consumer-Created Brand Hate Sites; and Their Client is Waiting: Teaching Opportunities through Client-Based Service Learning.● EDUCATION: He has a PhD in Marketing (Business Administration) from the University of Michigan; an MBA in Marketing and Human Resources Management from Ohio State University; and a BA in Psychology from Northwestern University.