Terri  Langhans

Terri Langhans

Terri Langhans started her marketing and communication career working as a newspaper editor, Public Information Officer and then marketing director of a health system. The first business she started failed miserably. The second one didn’t. She grew that ad agency and marketing firm large enough and profitable enough to sell to a publicly traded Big Boy, and then served as CEO for five years.Terri has managed to raise three grown children and stay married through her roller coaster career. When you do all that, something happens. You either go completely nuts, or you learn a lot. In Terri’s case, it was the latter. Although it could have gone either way for awhile, she says, including coming close to divorce at one point. She shares lessons learned, some the hard way, and real world ways we can be and do our best on a daily basis, without being blah. Terri is the author of The 7 Marketing Mistakes Every Business Makes and How To Fix Them, and a Certified Speaking Professional.