Tony  Hirsch

Tony Hirsch

Tony’s career commenced with Saatchi & Saatchi. At the request of a former client, Tony agreed to become commercial head of Britain’s oldest music retailer, HMV. Tony re-launched the HMV brand and transformed it into Britain’s largest and most respected entertainment retailer. Tony became the President of HMV Canada and then moved south to repeat this exercise in the US, starting in New York. Later, Tony joined the Ryan Consulting group, working with companies like Pizza Hut and Time Warner. Tony went on to assist the Virgin Retail Group establish itself in the USA and then birthed his idea for a retail business of teenage bath, body and cosmetics products from concept to 45 stores nationwide. SKINMARKET also boasted a successful online component and featured over 2500 unique products. Tony went on to co-found ASC, a company which develops joint venture initiatives. Tony has a strong interest in environmental issues and has appeared on CNN and spoken on Capitol Hill.