Dr. Katherine Kelly

Dr. Katherine Kelly, a licensed clinical health psychologist with extensive medical and holistic health training, captures the essence of radiant health as the soul, our most valued ally in optimal living. Her Soul Health Model, a basis for conscious healing, illustrates a path to ultimate life balance and the soul’s evolution. With 24 years of healing experience, Dr. Kelly outlines how to heal our human struggles and provides the tools for the soul’s unimpeded evolution. She has found that only in a state of “conscious evolution” of healing will people not only experience the most complete resolution and relief, but also gain the most permanent enrichment and optimal health. Her new book, Soul Health, provides the essential tools to reach radiance. She has authored nationally‐published academic and holistic health articles and provides consulting, workshops, seminars, and retreats concerning Soul Health in the US and abroad. Visit www.drkatherinetkelly.com/soul_health_model.html.