Dr. Mary Jo  Bulbrook

Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook

Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook is a master teacher and healer in Energy Medicine, and a medical and spiritual intuitive. Her training programs, including “Transform Your life Through Energy Medicine” are taught worldwide. Dr. Bulbrook holds a doctorate in Education, and is a recognized healthcare professional in holistic nursing and family therapies. Her 40 years of experience is grounded in nursing, complementary therapies and psychotherapy. Dr. Bulbrook is credited with innovation in nursing theory and practice (designated Canadian Nurse of the Year 1989) and is a gifted clinician. Her work is greatly influenced by her relationships with indigenous healers in Australia, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa and North America. Her base of experience includes Therapeutic Touch, Touch For Health, Healing Touch, Energy Medicine, Shamanism, Nature As Healer and Energy Psychology. Dr. Bulbrook is currently the Director of Complementary Therapies at Akamai University, a distance learning institution.