Jane  Falke

Jane Falke

Jane Falke, M.S. Holistic Nutrition and founder of "The Nutritionist, Naturally" is an educator, motivator and author. Her passion is to inspire people who are ready, willing and able to live a long and healthy life with the help of whole natural foods and balanced nutrition. Her book, "Eat Healthy. Be Healthy At Any Age" is the foundation from which Jane coaches her clients. Jane had a traditional upbringing and never dreamed about changing the world one-person-at-the-time by helping them live healthier happier lives. But when her two-year old child was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, Jane learned about the importance of proper nutrition. So Jane set out to learn everything she could about feeding her child the right balance of nutrition to keep her daughter alive and healthy. For the next twenty years, Jane studied food and nutrition from a natural perspective.