Devrah  Laval

Devrah Laval

Once an aerobics teacher, dancer, and model; touted in the media as a “goddess revolutionizing fitness;” courted by television producers in Canada and the US with offers of her own health and fitness show; caught up in a whirlwind of limousines, celebrities, and big business deals...Devrah Laval suddenly withdrew from the limelight after experiencing a profound, spontaneous enlightenment, followed by a miraculous healing...and has spent the past thirty years helping others discover and experience their own Truth and pure love. Devrah boldly lays bare the delusions we may be hiding behind. "Who Am I?" is not just a question but a doorway to awakening from the dream and we all hold the key to unlocking the mystery of life, truth and purpose. Her first book ‘The Magic Doorway Into the Divine’ was an international bestseller. She lives in Vancouver, Canada.