Susan  Wisehart

Susan Wisehart

Susan Wisehart holds a Masters degree in Psychology and has been in private practice for over 25 years as a Holistic Psychotherapist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Hypnotherapist. She is the international author of Soul Visioning: Clear the Past, Create Your Future and a contributing author to Michael Newton’s new book Memories of the Afterlife. Susan was trained by Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Michael Newton in Past Life and Life-Between-Lives Regression Therapy. In her private practice with clients, Susan uses these regression therapies along with hypnotherapy, dreamwork, Energy Psychology: EMDR, EFT, TAT, HMR and other modalities to help her clients heal holistically. Through Susan's own spiritual evolution and experience she has discovered the importance of broadening our therapeutic models to include the Soul in integrating mind, body and spirit. Susan is a pioneer and bridge builder in integrating traditional and non-traditional therapies.