Dana  Robinson

Dana Robinson

Dana Robinson has lead over 600 weekend workshops in shamanism over 27 years. He has been accompanied by his wife Shana in his teaching since 2003. He brings into his workshops a keen interest in spirituality, including forays into Charismatic Christianity and the teachings of the Indian guru, Osho. Shana shares his interest in the spiritual, but has also actively pursued her life-long interest in anthropology and holds a B.A. degree in that subject. Together they have written a book, Shamanism and the Spirit Mate, a cross cultural examination of the phenomenon of the other worldly mate and the benefits accruing from having such a relationship. Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice found worldwide, which recognizes the reality of spirits and spirit worlds. The shaman is a person who, in an altered state of consciousness, utilizes helping spirits in healing and divination work and who travels to spirit worlds to invoke that help. Translated, shaman means he/she who knows.