Angelo  Gallo

Angelo Gallo

Angelo Gallo is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Lifelong Wealth Strategies. He has been serving private clients as their financial advisor for over 25 years. His fascination with the world of business and finance goes all the way back to a Business Law class in high school. As a seventeen year-old, he was reading the Wall Street Journal on a regular basis. Graduating from PACE University with a degree in Business Administration, majoring in Finance, Angelo launched a career on Wall Street in the banking industry. Right from the start, economics, tax law and investments took hold of his imagination. In 1987, Angelo joined a financial planning firm in Westchester and then started his own firm where he was an early practitioner of what the industry has come to call “wealth management”– coordinating all the various aspects of a client’s financial affairs. He founded Lifelong Wealth Strategies, LLC a wealth management firm with clients in the U.S. and overseas.