Ann  Armbrecht

Ann Armbrecht

Ann Armbrecht is a writer, anthropologist (PhD, Harvard University), filmmaker, and herbalist specializing in the relationship between culture and the environment. She has conducted research in Nepal and the Western United States on land, culture and community and has taught at the University of Vermont, Middlebury, Goddard and Dartmouth Colleges. Early in her career, she taught English in a Tibetan refugee school and her book, Settlements of Hope: An Account of Tibetan Refugees in Nepal, documented the resettlement of Tibetans in Nepal. She received a Gold Nautilus Award for her book Thin Places: A Pilgrimage Home, which is a meditation on what it means to come home, particularly in cultures that lack deep ties to the natural world. With Terrence Youk she coproduced the film Numen, The Nature of Plants, which explores the interconnection between spirit, ecology, and health for healing, and the relevance of medicinal plants in our lives.