Rita  Starr

Rita Starr

Rita Starr has spent over thirty years analyzing prejudice and oppression from both a systems point of view and the need to address the necessary emotional healing of both the victim and perpetrator. Her programs are distinguished by their capacity to move beyond talking about racism to strengthening people’s capacity to work for substantive change, both personally and institutionally. A graduate of the University of Missouri, Starr founded Healing Our Nation in 1987. Her programs have received national recognition including the 'President’s Initiative on Race' established during the Clinton Administration as well as community organizations, businesses, and city governments such as the City of Little Rock, Arkansas. Facilitator manuals and PowerPoint presentations jump start new facilitators into action. Now her long awaited book, Understanding the Impact of Prejudice and Race, an insightful handbook for understanding racism, is available on her website: www.healingournation.com