Todd  Kramer

Todd Kramer

Since inception of Secure Components, Todd provides the visionary insight that keeps the company on track. In addition to managing the company’s strategic relationships, Todd is an expert in counterfeit risk mitigation and avoidance. Todd is recognized as one of today’s foremost authorities on the issue of counterfeit parts and the risks they create. He has personally engaged the counterfeit epidemic as a participant of SAE G-19C, IECQ WG 06, and Chairman of the United States National Committee / International Electro-technical Commission Quality. Focused on eradicating the counterfeit epidemic, these groups guide the process of certification to the standards SAE AS5553 & AS6081 counterfeit detection, mitigation, of electronic components. Todd heads up Secure Component’s robust QA Programs reassuring customers of the company’s commitment to excellence. A national speaker on quality and counterfeit issues, Todd oversee the company’s operations working closely with departments.