Audrey Jusko Friedman

Audrey Jusko Friedman, a Radiation Therapist, Social Worker and Educator, was recruited by the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in 1999 to establish patient and family education (PFE) as an organizational priority. She established a person-centred approach to program development to ensure the informational and learning needs of patients and families were met and that staff was trained to communicate and teach in effective partnerships with them. She currently leads the PFE programs across all four hospitals of the University Health Network. In 2004 she was appointed provincial head of Patient Education for Cancer Care Ontario with the goal of improving the quality of PFE across Ontario. She strives to ensure that PFE and services are accessible and meaningful to all regardless of age, ethnicity, language, functional or health literacy, geography or disease. Today she is a recognized leader and innovator nationally and internationally for her work in the field.