Elijah  Johnson

Elijah Johnson

Elijah Johnson launched his channel on www.FinanceAndLiberty.com in 2012. The Financial Survival Network declared him: “16 Year Old is Smarter than Ben Bernanke!” One of the youngest sound-money enthusiasts out there, he is concerned with the national debt, the US dollar, and gold and silver markets, with a mission to warn and educate his generation about the risks of the current financial system and how to protect themselves for the rough road ahead. In his website he interviews financial authors, analysts and market makers on the state of the US and world economy from angles not covered on the mainstream news. In recognition of Elijah’s unique message, the Liberty Mastermind Symposium invited him as a guest speaker for their national conference in Dallas TX, June ‘13 (http://LibertyMastermind.us). Elijah's 200+ original videos have garnered more than a million views from his growing audience of over 5,000 YouTube subscribers who are concerned about the runaway debt-based economy.