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LuAnn Cibik

LuAnn Cibik is an Interior Alignment(R) Practitioner and Master Educator since 1999. She has chosen to blend all the things that fascinate her into ways of assisting other people to dream and create beautiful energy in their lives as well. By understanding the concepts of Chinese medicine and energetic influences on the body, LuAnn helps you gain knowledge through valuable exercises and practices for building your own chi and developing chi sensitivities. In feng shui, the art of creating your sacred soul space is about using all your senses to create a thoughtful space to live and love. Her office and classes are based at Inner Strength, Health and Wellness Center, a sweet place in rural Pennsylvania that she owns and operates with her husband, who is a doctor of Chinese Medical QiGong. The center offers everything from treatment of chronic pain to martial arts classes. You can find out more about LuAnn and working with her at