Cindy  Caldwell

Cindy Caldwell

With statistics indicating that only 30% of the population will make the choice to be happy, Cindy Caldwell instantly realized that meant 70% will never be happy and will go to their graves never having experienced a happy and fulfilled life. What a sobering statistic, and not a positive one to begin a bio, a greeting, or a talk. But it hits us in the face with reality, and the odds are you are one of the 70%. That’s when Cindy’s passion prompted her to brand herself “The Happiness Queen” and make it her life’s purpose and mission to guide women to own their life and create the life of their dreams. Today she is helping women to clearly define their desired life – which includes both their personal lives and their career – and to understand how easy and simple it can be to be a part of the 30%. The odds are that you need to understand how to live a life of authentic happiness and that you need to learn now. The good news is that there are but a few easily understood and doable steps to allow everyone to become a part of the 30 percent. Cindy discusses those steps in her book Own a Happy Life – Be Bold, Be Boundless, Be Beautiful! For more information visit and