Dr. Khaled El  Emam

Dr. Khaled El Emam

Dr. Khaled El Emam is the Founder and CEO of Privacy Analytics, Inc. He is also an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine, a senior investigator at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute, a Canada Research Chair in Electronic Health Information at the University of Ottawa, and a Privacy by Design Ambassador. Previously he was a Senior Research Officer at the National Research Council of Canada, and prior to that he was head of the Quantitative Methods Group at the Fraunhofer Institute in Kaiserslautern, Germany. He’s co-founded two companies to commercialize the results of his research work. In 2003 and 2004, he was ranked as the top systems and software engineering scholar worldwide by the Journal of Systems and Software and ranked second in 2002 and 2005. He holds a PhD from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, King's College, at the University of London (UK). His website is www.ehealthinformation.ca.