Shira  Lane

Shira Lane

Shira Lane: born in Israel, raised in Australia and returned to Israel to serve the Israeli Army. In 2001 Lane graduated from Entertainment and Performing Arts School, Beit-Zvi. In 2002 her television career launched with Israeli TV Drama series ‘Tipol Nimratz’. When the TV show run ended, Lane sought to return to her family in Australia, but due to severe dog quarantine laws, she diverted to Los Angeles, not to be separated from her dog.

Lane’s inquiries into milk started while she was in production on feature film ‘Magdalena’, with Dean River Productions and Inspirational Films. Lane’s allergy to milk and dairy products amplified upon arrival into the U.S. Lack of information from other documentaries, nutritionists and even doctors, motivated Lane to do her own research. The findings from medical journals and other resources are revealed throughout the film.

“I would have wanted my parents to watch this film, when I was growing up, and I hope the information in the film helps others the way it has immensely helped me.”