Bruce  Mahone

Bruce Mahone

Bruce Mahone has been a leader in aerospace policy and technical issues in Washington, DC since 1988. He has been involved in the development and publication of over 10,000 aerospace standards during that time. In 2006, Mr. Mahone became the Director of Washington Operations, Aerospace for SAE International. In that capacity, he oversees SAE’s aerospace-related interaction with the U.S. government and the many standards, educational, and research organizations in the Washington area that affect the global aerospace sector. In previous positions he has coordinated technical activities at the Aerospace Industries Association and the American Gear Manufacturers Association. He has also served as Chair and Secretary of ISO Technical Committee 20, Aircraft and Space Vehicles. Mr. Mahone has had extensive interaction on aerospace issues with the U.S. Congress, numerous government agencies, and the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs. Prior to moving to Washington, he held various engineering and lecturing positions throughout the U.S.