Diane S  Speier, PhD

Diane S Speier, PhD

Diane S Speier, PhD, (BA in Psychology, MA in Applied Psychology and PhD in Women’s Studies) became a certified childbirth educator in 1978, and taught classes for 20 years as part of The Family Tree Centre for Parents in New York, which she founded and directed. The Family Tree included a Doula service for childbirth and postnatal home care, now called Birth and Beyond. After training in facilitation of human potential in 1986, THE BIRTH EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOP® was created as a powerful intensive for couples seeking a holistic approach to birth and parenting. This workshop evolved into a couple’s retreat designed to deepen intimacy while empowering the family space. Diane began classes in Eden Energy Medicine in 2012, and is incorporating this wisdom into her work. Energy healing offers significant support for childbearing families navigating the waters of pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period, a time typically challenged by reduced energy levels. www.dianespeier.com